About me

Hi everyone! 

How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten-tickles! I hope this made you at least smile… One thing about me is that all my jokes are lame… But you’re not here to read lame jokes, even though I could go on for hours (wish I was kidding). You’re are here to get to know me! YAY this is so exciting.

First things first, my name is Sofia Solis, I’m 17 years old and I’m Peruvian! I pretty much lived all my life in Peru until late 2016 that’s when I moved to the United States for college. I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio and attend the University of Cincinnati! If you were wondering, I’m double majoring in Fashion Design and International Business (at least that’s the plan).

I started this blog because I always loved writing, but I thought it wasn’t my thing because I never did great in Spanish or English class. But since I’ve always been interested in it so I decided to give it a try! I also wanted to express my ideas and I’ve always followed bloggers and wanted to be like them. One of my favorite fashion blogger is a Peruvian one, Fashadiccti (If you happen to understand or speak Spanish visit her website! ). She inspired me a lot to create my own blog, because I’ve seen how she started and where she is now. I’ve seen all of youtube videos and I’m sure I read all of her blog posts, she’s a huge inspiration for me.

Some facts about me are that I love sushi and photography, I want to travel the world, I speak 3 languages and a half, I’m pescatarian and I love fashion! One thing I hate admitting is that I suck at cooking, but I’m working at getting better.

Lots of love!

Sofia Solis

Any questions? Feel free to ask! 


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