How to know if living in a big city is the best fit for you


I’ve lived my entire life in a big city and I could tell I would go nuts if I moved to small town. I grew up falling asleep with all kind of sounds like car horns, tipsy people shouting and on weekends loud music playing at some neighbour’s house. I used to think it’d be nicer to live in a small town when everything is quiet and everybody knows each other. And as soon as I went to a small town in Germany for like 2 months I realized that definitely wasn’t for me. But the good part is that I realized that living in a small town wasn’t the best fit for me. If you’re thinking that maybe you’re a city person trapped in a small town or if you just want to make sure that living in a city is right for you. Then you should definitely read this article.  You’re a city person if you…


Can’t stand slow walkers and always walk fast

People that are in cities are always busy and going from one place to another. A slow walker can make us go nuts in just a couple of seconds. Anybody has time for slow walkers!  If you are always walking fast and people always tell you to slow down, then you fit amazingly in a big city!


Love nightlife

We all know that in small towns there are barely clubs, bars or nightlife in general and they are always crowded and close early. If you love nightlife this upsets you. Moving to a big city will probably make you happy since there a bunch of clubs, bars, pubs, casinos, restaurants, everything that can be considered into the nightlife category. You name it and it is there, open! No more boring nights with nothing fun to do unless you decide to drive for an hour to the nearest city.



Get upset when you can’t get whatever you want whenever you want it

Craving tacos and sushi at 3 AM? If you live in a small town you won’t get any at that hour unless you do it yourself (big bummer, I know) In a city, you can have whatever you want 24/7! Ran out of condoms? You got it! Want Thai food? You got it! You can have everything you want when you want it. Even the weirdest things.


Get scared when there’s nobody on the streets…

You think the apocalypses day has come or that zombies took over. When the streets are empty you just kind of freak out and feel lonely. When coming back from a city, it’s only matter of hours or days until you start missing the city. You miss the crowd and having something going on around you all the time. You can’t stand quietness and tranquillity, it just sounds boring to you. Of course, the quietness a small town can offer is pleasing… for a couple days.



Get bored easily

If you are in a small city, chances are there’s not much to do. You wish there were more things to do, besides hiking and going to the same old shops you always go to. In a big city, you don’t have enough time to discover the different things there are to do. You can find something new every single day, no more boring days.


If you feel related to these things then you’re definitely a city person! Congratulations! Do you think I missed something leave it in a comment below! And tell me why do you love living in a city! Would love to hear your thought. Don’t forget to share or pin this!city

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