Makeup tips for Summer

Summer, when skin gets darker, nights get longer, hair gets lighter and your makeup gets ruined. We’ve all been there. Summer is the season of melted makeup, smeared eyeliner and sticky lipstick. But nothing should stop us from looking good. Follow this tips to make your makeup look flawless all day.

Switch to an oil-free sunscreen

First of all, sunscreen is super important! We should apply sunscreen every single day, even if it’s not summer. But some are too thick and greasy, and applying your makeup on top of that in the summer is a big mistake. If you’re currently using one that’s like that you may want to get another one. The one I use is Neutrogena Dry-Touch. Thanks to its oil-free formula it feels light and doesn’t leave my face shiny. I completely love it!sunscreen

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Use less makeup

Less is more! If you use less makeup, less makeup will melt! I would recommend using a BB cream instead of foundation. Because BBcreams are lightweight and moisturising. Some of them have great coverage! If you don’t want to use a BBcream you can always apply some concealer on some spots and dark circles.


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Using primer is a must in summer! It makes your makeup stay in place longer, but it also shrinks your pores making your skin look and feel smoother.


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Use a waterproof mascara.

You won’t end up looking like a panda at the end of the day if you use one of these. Some of them don’t even come off at the beach or pool. Don’t forget to take it off really carefully at the end of the day. TAKE CARE OF YOUR LASHES! If you’re blonde and your eyelashes are really light, then you could consider tinting your eyelashes. I personally love this mascara! It’s super affordable and makes my lashes pop while staying in their place the entire day.



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Use oil blotting sheets

Blotting sheets are life saviours! I use these ones throughout the year because my T-zone is greasy, and gosh they help me a lot! They are affordable and you can take them with you anywhere. They take the excess shininess away without disturbing your makeup. No more photos where you look all sweaty and shiny. And they are affordable!

absorbing sheets

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Use lip stains

Replace your lipsticks for lip stains. Some lipsticks, especially Matte lipsticks, can be very heavy in summer, instead of using one you could use lip stains and you don’t have to worry about them getting outside of your lip line or about them getting sticky. If you want to make your lips look glossy, just apply some lip balm on top. You don’t have to worry about the colour transfer either!

lip stain

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Use setting spray


This helps to keep your makeup in place. And if you don’t want to invest in a setting spray, you could always use setting powder. And if you don’t want to invest in setting power either, you could use cornstarch! There are so many options! I personally use this MAC setting spray and I love it!

setting spray

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What are your secrets to look flawless even in the heatwave? Leave some comments below and Don’t forget to pin or share this!
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  • Mary Tice

    I swear by Urban Decay’s setting sprays. I have used mine before a night out and my makeup doesn’t budge no matter how much I sweat nor how humid it is.

  • Michelle Carnes

    Thank you for sharing. I love my BB Cream for the summer. It’s super light and definitely works better than foundation in the heat.

  • Anisa Mkwanazi

    Great tips , I love BB creams especially for summer time . I wear light make up foundation and concealer too

  • In and Out of Vegas

    I love your tips. I have never used a primer, didn’t really know what it was for!

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