Is VSCO X worth it?

I love taking pictures, but my favorite part is editing them. I could literally spend days editing pictures, playing with different filters, with contrast, exposure, and other features, and I would never get bored. So, when VSCO X came up, I was sooo curious, and $20 a year isn’t really expensive, it’s like 4 Starbucks drinks, right? After 2 years the price may change, though. And no, there are no monthly subscriptions.

Well, right after you pay, you have access to New Film X presets, that continues to grow every single month, and to 100+ classic VSCO presets. Right now you might be wondering what is Film X. I’m here to explain it to you,  Film X presets are presets that includes controls for Strenght, Character, and Warmth.

At first, it was so overwhelming to edit my photos, because I had so many filters. I would spend a lot of time trying every single filter.(I know I don’t have to try every single one, but what if one of them makes the picture look nicer?) But at the end, I would use the same filters I always use, and there are lots (L O T S) of filters I ended up not using. I would say I never used half of them (or more).

So let’s go straight to the question. Is VSCO X worth it? As I said before, there are so many filters, you may end up not using every single one. That’s why I would recommend purchasing the collections or series separately. Aside the free presets, the prices are between $0.99 and $3.99 depending on the collection. This way, you would be spending way less than $20 and you’d actually be using all the filters you’re paying for.

I personally love the vibrant classic and the essence/ archetype and the chromatic collection. They add a lot of color and warmth. So here are some pictures I edited using the VSCO app.

BEFORE                                                                                                                AFTER



This is what I did to make this picture look this awesome:

  • I used the C9/Chromatic effect at 7.5
  • Exposure at 0.4
  • Vignette at 2.8
  • Grain at 6.3

BEFORE                                                                                                               AFTER



Here is what I did to edit this picture:

  • First of all, I used the filter U5/Sunset at 6.0
  • Exposure at -1.2
  • Sky blue shadow tint at 2.9
  • Skintone at 1.0
  • Temperature at 1.0
  • Saturation at -0.2
  • Contrast at 0.7

If you want to see more pictures visit my Instagram! And share with me leaving in the comments below what VSCO filters you use using the most!

If you still have some questions about purchasing VSCO X, here’s an FAQ on the official VSCO page.
I hope this helps. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on Pinterest or on another social platform!
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  • Andrea Nicole Laranang

    Iam currently using the free version but planning to purchase vsco x but I think I’ll do your suggestion so I can save money haha

  • I’ve had had this app for a few years and enjoy using it. What are your favorite filters?

  • Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    I rarely use filters anymore. I used to download new apps only for their filter collections and on top of that, would buy more. Then I realized I was exactly doing what you felt, not even using most of them, or used just once. Of late I use only those that came with my stock camera app and that too sparingly

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

  • Victoria Henderson

    Thanks for demystifying vsco. I had been wondering why so many folks use it and now I see why.

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